Why accept payments with IOTA?

Fast all over the world and without fees!


IOTA is beeing devoloped for the industry, to make fast payments and send messages from machine to machine. But there are a lot of other use cases, which you can find here: Link.
But fast and feeless payments are good for everyone, also for you as merchant and also for your customers.


How to integrate IOTA payments in your webshop?

PayIOTA provides plugins for Magento, Woocommerce and WHMCS. More plugins will follow soon. Get them here: payiota.me

Shopware provides also a plugin for payments with IOTA. You find it here: store.shopware.com
It is really easy to integrate. It checks the IOTA rate in an adjustable interval and marks automatically paid orders. For security, you don't put the seed in the shop, just addresses.
See it in user action in the following video:

If you miss your payment related project here, contact me and tell me about.

Now, it's on you, to take the next step. Go and move to the future!


You have a company that accepts IOTA payments?

Great! You are ready for the future!

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