How to change one cryptocurrency for another? LTC to BTC

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After the emergence of bitcoin, for some time it was popular only in a narrow circle of geeks, IT specialists and cryptographers. The rest either did not hear about digital coins at all, or considered them a financial pyramid. However, as time passed, Bitcoin began to prove its worth. As its popularity gained momentum, other cryptocurrencies naturally began to appear. Some run on similar algorithms and they are called “forks”.

There is also crypto money that works in a different way. Many of these e-currencies serve specific purposes. At the same time, some have become more widespread, others less. But in any case, the ability to instantly convert one cryptocurrency into another is also important in the modern and dynamically developing world of digital money.

There are a huge number of sites where conversion takes place in one of the most demanded directions – Litecoin LTC to Bitcoin. Litecoin borrowed all the useful properties of its predecessor and got rid of its shortcomings. It is not without reason that LTC coins are very popular as a convenient means of payment; they do not require a preliminary exchange for settlements. They can be instantly sent anywhere in the world with low fees – in this, LTC significantly outperforms heavyweight Bitcoin.

The limited edition of the coin – 84 million units are provided – is intended to contribute to a gradual rise in the cost of the resource.

How to do it?

To exchange, you have several options:

  • The easiest one is to use the services of an exchange office. 

There are a huge number of websites on the Internet that offer such services. Online converter and calculator of cryptocurrency shows how to for example, or you can convert any currency to the ruble, dollar or euro. Thanks to convenient and modern user interfaces, it is easy to use not only on desktop computers, but also on mobile phones and tablets. Such websites synchronize every minute with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and calculates the most current exchange rates. 

All you need to do is select the currency you want to change, then the currency you want to receive. Indicate the number of coins you want to give, then confirm the deal, and the rest is the concern of the exchanger itself. The exchange office can be automatic or manual. In the second case, you will pay a lower commission, but you will have to wait for the exchange of funds.

  • The second option is the exchange. 

You register an account, connect your wallets with different types of cryptocurrencies to it, between which you just need to exchange. Next, create an order for the sale of a certain number of coins, or see the offers of other exchange participants for the purchase.

If your offer has a buyer, or if you like a buy offer from another participant, your deal is automatically closed. After that, the cryptocurrency you need is credited to your account on the exchange, and you can withdraw it to your wallet.

  • The third option is to make a personal exchange with a counterparty. 

On any specialized forum, you can find a person with the cryptocurrency you need and offer him your crypto coins. If the seller is satisfied with the course you offer, you can meet in person and make an exchange.

Of course, you can exchange funds online, but remember that one of the main features of cryptocurrency is the non-refundable payments. That is, by sending money to another person, even if he turns out to be a deceiver, you will no longer be able to return your savings.

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