Shopping with IOTA

The long awaited Trinity wallet is availible as beta for mobile now.
It is probably the most beautyful and most advanced wallet in cryptospace.

If you don't have it yet, get it here - with useful and interesting Information (It is a fully functional beta version):

So we have a well working tangle, we have our IOTAs and we have a brand new and comfortable to use wallet. What is missing?

Yes, we are missing shops, restaurants, cafes and more, where we can pay with IOTA. Why this?
Because they don't know about IOTA. They don't know, that IOTA has no fees in oppsite to credit cards, which have fees of 2% and more.
And they have no demand, because nobody asks.
So ask them if you can pay with IOTA! Ask in your favorite bar or restaurant, ask your local shop or online shop.

What do you think about credit cards 40 years ago? Some people had a credit card and used it in hotels, later at filling stations. So they asked in their favorite restaurants and shops, if they can pay with the credit card.
Just do the same now with IOTA. Show them the wallet and talk with them.
Make photos and share it on facebook or somewhere else: First bar in your town, where you can pay with IOTA.
That is promotion for your bar and for IOTA - and perhaps some free drinks and good conversation for you ;)