New shops listed

Two new shops with not IOTA or crypto related products listed:
Grabschmuck KAPRAUN

We are happy to see, that merchants from outside the crypto space are going courageously the next step and implement IOTA payment into their shops.

Shop owners will do that, if they are open minded and at least, if you ask them to try it out.
Think about Bitcoin and the first Pizza. There would be no Bitcoin, without making the first step. If nobody tries to pay with IOTA, perhaps IOTA will just become an industry standard and we as humans will pay with Bitcoin or Verge or something like that.

Ask your favorite shop, restaurant or cafe to implement IOTA payments. There are simple to integrate plugins and there will come more and more, if people are asking and trying out.
Especially with the upcoming new Trinity wallet, it will become really easy and fast, to pay with IOTA - not only for you, but also for merchants.

Go out and promote. It's fun!