Why pay with IOTA?

"What is being used is evolving. What remains unused is dwarfing."

A lot of big companies (Bosch, VW, Fujitsu, Huawei, ...) are on integrating IOTA in their machine to machine communication and payment. IOTA and these companies are working to become IOTA a standard in this sector.
So let us work, to become IOTA also a standard for human to human payments, because it is fast, feeless and you don't have to trust a third party, like a bank or other payment provider.

How can we do that?

  • Use IOTA as your favorite currency.
  • Use shops that offer payment with IOTA.
  • Ask your favorite shops, cafes, restaurants, to offer a payment with IOTA.
  • If you have a shop, integrate payment with IOTA.

At least: Be early adopters!

Some people may think: "Nah, I better hodl my IOTA".
Think about, Bosch or VW do the same: "Oh yes, IOTA is really a nice technologie with a lot of features, but we better hodl it, because it's too much work to integrate and use it. So or so, one day we will be a rich company!"
Do the same if you like noodles: cook them, eat them and later go to your grocery store and buy new noodles. Don't eat dry crispbread!
It's fun, to use IOTA!



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